Ticket FAQs

How can I purchase season tickets in the new downtown Spokane stadium?

We are currently taking season ticket deposits for our 2024 Inaugural Season. Your deposit not only holds you a seat in the new downtown Spokane stadium for League One and/or W-League teams, it provides you with priority for seat selection and other benefits. Final pricing and seat selection will be released as we get closer to the season.  

How do I place a ticket deposit?

It is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Click Here.
2. Select how many seats you want to reserve for League One and/or W-League.
3. Insert your contact info, payment details and secure deposit. Done.

What does my ticket deposit include?

Your deposit for season tickets not only secures your priority for seating in the new stadium, it ensures you the opportunity to select seats before tickets are available for single match sale to the general public. Later, when you pick your seats and convert your deposit to a Season Ticket Member account, your benefits include everything from exclusive events with the players to first access to playoff matches. Most importantly, you will be there, in your seats, for the Inaugural Opening Night – a once in a lifetime opportunity.

How much is the ticket deposit?

Season ticket deposits are $20 per seat. You will have an opportunity to update or add seats before your final seats are selected. 

How do I place a deposit for the W-League team?

Your deposit provides you an option to select seats for season tickets to League One (Division III men’s professional soccer), W-League (women’s elite soccer) or both. USL Spokane staff will contact you after you place your deposit to better understand your needs and if you need tickets for one or both teams. When the time comes to select seats, you are able to update your preferences.   

When will I get to pick my seat?

With the stadium breaking ground on November 30, 2021, we are counting the days to our Inaugural Opening Night. Over the next year we will be finalizing our seating maps and schedule. As we get closer to the season, we will contact all deposit holders to walk through with them the options for seats within the new stadium.

What kind of seating options are available?

A variety of ticket products will be made available for fans based on the experience that best suits them in the stadium. We are building this club for and with the Spokane community; our pricing and options will be reflective of this mission to meet the needs and budgets of a diverse audience.

When can I buy group or individual tickets?

The more the merrier! Group ticket packages for youth soccer teams, neighbors, businesses and more will be available once the 2024 schedule is released. For more information, please contact us at goal@uslspokane.com.  

What is The 509 Group?

The 509 is a special group of people who were the first to stand with USL Spokane and join our soccer family - the first five hundred and nine season ticket accounts. To share our gratitude to the people that embody The 509 and made this feat possible, USL Spokane has created additional benefits and recognition for its members. Learn more at https://www.uslspokane.com/pages/the-509.

Will you have a section for Supporters?

We believe in, and endorse the position, that the world’s game is best experienced standing and chanting for 90 minutes with your soccer family. We look forward to supporting and cultivating any supporters interested in forming a designated supporter group. If interested, please contact us at goal@uslspokane.com.  You can also indicate on your ticket deposit if you want to learn more.

Can I sit with my friends?

Of course! When the time comes for you to select seats, we will ask you a variety of preferences including if you have friends or family that you want to sit with at the matches. We will do our best to seat you together depending on when your friends placed their deposit and if you both choose similar seat locations. 

What if I move away or have a financial hardship? Will I receive a refund?

Deposits are nonrefundable. However, we know that life happens and plans change. With this in mind, you will be able to apply your deposit to a future ticket product (e.g. single match, group tickets) even if you can no longer purchase season tickets.