Copy of Together Spokane

Together Spokane is USL Spokane’s official community engagement initiative with the mission of unifying the Spokane community by working alongside local non-profit organizations for the betterment of Spokane. 

The Club’s first official community engagement initiative involves USL Spokane partnering with Spokane Arts, HUB Sports Center, Carl Maxey Center, SYSA and Latinos en Spokane and is open to additional community non-profits interested in participating.  Through the partnership, fans can purchase USL Spokane season ticket deposits by using a unique link where 100% of net proceeds go directly back to the selected non-profit.  This initiative is designed for USL Spokane to share in our success, give back to the local community and allow fans to support the causes most important to them.   

To place a deposit and secure your seat on behalf of one of these amazing organizations, please click on one of the links below. 

For inquiries about Together Spokane, USL season ticket deposits or how your organization can participate, please email us at

Spokane Arts

Spokane Arts supports arts and culture in the region through grantmaking, programming, advocacy, and professional development. Spokane Arts fosters creativity by providing direct support to individuals, groups, and organizations in the creative sector, while promoting local arts and culture to the wider community. 
Why we chose Spokane Arts: Creativity is as much a part of art as it is soccer.  USL Spokane, in support of the mission of Spokane Arts, aims to find more ways to integrate and showcase the ways soccer and art together can transform individuals and communities. 

HUB Sports Center

HUB Sports Center is a nonprofit, community-based 66,000 square-foot regional sports venue, in partnership with other community non-profits, where youth, adults and seniors take part in a variety of events and activities. HUB Sports Center joins the communities of faith, sports, education, business and government to positively impact our youth and region through events and programs that enhance life skills.

Why we chose HUB Sports Center: HUB Sports Center is a place to connect – and commit to a cause.  Join us in our efforts to support  their work providing space for youth and adults to come together to actively participate in programs and causes they enjoy.  


Spokane Youth Sports Association (SYSA)

SYSA Spokane Youth Sports Association (SYSA) provides sports activities for all youth where everyone plays, develops skills, is taught good sportsmanship, and learns the value of being a team player. SYSA has been contributing to youth sports in the Greater Spokane region for the last 55 years. SYSA is committed to the belief that every child, no matter their skill level, should have the opportunity to be a part of SYSA’s programs.

Why we chose SYSA: Increasing access and participation for youth in sport is a common shared mission for USL Spokane and SYSA.  Our goal is to provide more opportunities with fewer barriers so more youth in our community can enjoy the beautiful game we call soccer. 

Latinos en Spokane

Latinos en Spokane is a Latino and immigrant led 501C3 non-profit organization centered on supporting citizen participation, culturally led community development, and empowerment of the Latino and immigrant population in Spokane County. Latinos en Spokane does their work through the Center for Latinos, their Community Comadre social worker program, El Mercadito outdoor cultural market, educational workshops, cultural events, activism, and partnering with local organizations. The mission of LES is to build capacity within Latino and immigrant families and support the advancement of community members, leaders, and business-owners in Spokane to address the needs of the growing Latino and immigrant population through inclusive community engagement, and serve as catalyst for immigrant rights, social, racial, economic, and environmental justice for a more equitable Spokane County. 

Why we chose Latinos en Spokane: Latinos en Spokane is there for our Latino community in all ways.  Together we support their efforts to provide resources, increase awareness of immigrant needs and create a welcome space for all.  Soccer will bring the world’s game to our backyard, as our immigrant community has done for generations, giving us a window seat to the world.   We welcome all, on the pitch and in all other spaces of our community to join us.      


The Carl Maxey Center

The Carl Maxey Center (CMC) is a Black-led and Black-centered non-profit, 501c3 organization, based in the East Central neighborhood of Spokane. CMC is both a neighborhood cultural center and gathering place, as well as a community based organization that provides programs and services focused on addressing the needs of Spokane's African American/Black community. The mission of CMC is to change lives and improve the well-being of Spokane’s African American/Black community by expanding the educational, economic and cultural opportunities that are currently available, and by addressing the racial disparities and racial inequities that currently exist and have persisted in this area.

Why we chose the CMC: The Carl Maxey Center provides space to gather and share culture while addressing needs of our African American/Black community.  Working to bridge cultures and community is an important part of why bringing the world’s game to our community can make a difference in the lives of all.